We would like you to highlight and participate in a vibrant homage to the city of Montreal for making it to 375 years. In the same spirit that we celebrate 150 years of Canada’s birth. We recognize that blacks have been here and seen Canada as their home for a long time.

The Round Table on Black History Month is willing to promote, on our pan-black event calendar on-line, your activities during this milestone year. As you are a recognized pan-Black organization that broadens the scope of the cultural and social awareness and implication of the black experience in this City and this land. We need to create space to come up with stellar breath-taking commemoration to mark our presence and the 150th and the 375th respectively of our country and our city.

It is time to highlight our experience over 375 yrs in Montreal and show the merit of our contributions to this city. We believe strongly in the necessity to highlight the commitment of our people to help build Montreal and Canada with values and customs that enriched our diverse cultures and origins.

Your organization will host events and we hope you can use these events to symbolize our attachment and progression in this City in a way that will not go unnoticed. Your drive over the years has made it possible for us to be recognized to explore our full potential and be part of the Heritage Tree in Montreal. We have to show example and your leadership will help solidify our grit in this city for generations to come.