About Montreal Pan-Black Events

Support Pan-Black Culture and Identity Defining Montreal Events

Manifesto for Support of Pan-Black City Events

The events listed in this manifesto of Community organizations and individuals are core events that collectively give a broadly defined conceptualization of Montreal based Pan-Black cultural activities. For the entire contributions to the emergent and vibrant activity of Metropolitan black culture in Montreal. By the very pan-construct of the list it avoids private, personal, market profit oriented and individualized contributions. The group considers the latter as significant and at times even brilliant, but believes such events are already addressed effectively through institutional arrangements. The coalition of individuals and organizations that came together to develop this manifesto places its focus on events that define us and are expressions of that which is common to us and make us valuable to society as a whole. The manifesto appeals to the entire Community of Montreal with links all over Quebec and Canada. To support these events as activities that advance the development of the new Diversity in Montreal and Canada as a whole.

Organizations and Individuals who initiated the reflection that led to the Manifesto: La Ligue des Noirs du Quebec; Black Theatre Workshop; The Quebec Board of Black Educators; Black Community Resource Center, Gemma Raeburn-Baynes of Playmas Montreal Cultural Association; The Round Table for Black History Month, Chris Jordan of the Kwanzaa Project of Union United Church and UNIA, and the committee for 375 th of Montreal.

List of Events supported by a Coalition of Groups as Pan Black Culture Events which identify us in Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

  • Vision celebration of Black Theatre Workshop Montreal opens Black History Month. Third week of January annually.
  • Black History Month School Tour of BTW. During February Each Year.
  • Black History Month programs by The Round Table for Black History Month and Black History events.
  • Month activities of Associations and Community-Based Organizations.
  • March 21 International Day Against Discrimination. Events of la Ligue des Noirs at City Hall and other community organization Events.
  • BCRC Blood Drive and Black Community Forum and Town Hall Seminars

List of Events supported by a Coalition of Groups as Pan-Black Culture Events that identify us in Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

  • The Mathieu Da Costa Award Gala of La Ligue des Noirs for honouring the Lifetime work of Black Social Entrepreneurs and Professional of Quebec.
  • The Activities of the Black Writers Guild of Quebec: Kola and other publications of Black Writers in Canada and the Black Diaspora; its Readings and Seminars,
  • Editorials and Publishing libraries specialized in Pan-Black Cultural Event.
  • Professional Black Theatre and Dance and Black Theatre Workshop Season of Black Plays and promotion of Black Canadian performing Arts and Artists.
  • Da Costa-Costa Hall Education and Black History Programs, conferences, seminars, Gala Awards and research initiatives in parenting and the education and development of youth, in particular the Black child in the school and social systems of Quebec.

List of Events supported by a Coalition of Groups as Pan-Black Culture Events that promote Identity Formation in Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

  • The Carifiesta Caribbean Festival and associated Events under its auspices and mandate. Montreal, July annually.
  • The Reggae Festival of Montreal: annual Summer Festival at St Helen’s Island • International Day Remembrance Week of the Transatlantic Slave Trade and its Abolition: Activities of La Ligue des Noirs du Quebec at Saint-Armand, reception at City Hall.
  • Events by other Collaborating Community agencies of similar mandates. Two Weeks celebration in August of every year
  • Montreal Black Film Festival of the Montreal International Black Film Festival-MIBF dedicated to promoting cinema, art and culture
  • Taste of the Caribbean Festival dedicated to the promotion of the culinary arts and cuisines of the Caribbean, guided by the support of Black entrepreneurship in the sector.
  • Jamaica Day
  • Trinidad Day
  • Nuit D’Afrique
  • Haiti en Folie
  • Vue D’Afrique

List of Events supported by a Coalition of Groups as Pan-Black Culture Events in Montreal, Quebec and Canada.

  • The Black Studies Center – ICED Concordia Information -Technology and Community Communication Network and Archival System; Summer programs and collaborations in social entrepreneurship. Dissemination of research information of Community development and small business startups.
  • The Promotion of the Kwanza Festival at the end of each year following of Christmas, project of UNIA and The Union United Church of Montreal.